1. Be sure your skin is clean, dry and oil/lotion free. Cleansing the area with alcohol is highly recommended.
  2. Select an area on your body that won't get too a lot of wear & tear (or that can be rubbed by jewelry). Recommended placement below.
  3. Have a soaked cloth or sponge prepared (almost dripping)
  4. Remove the clear backing of the tattoo and place on skin
  5. Carefully place the tattoo on the skin and place the cloth/sponge on tattoo and hold firmly for at least 30-45 seconds.
  6. Remove the sponge/cloth and paper backing from skin.
  7. Drip a few drops of water over the tattoo and pat to seal the ink
  • Select an area on your body that doesn’t get too much wear & tear (or that can be rubbed by jewelry). 

      Recommended are: Inner/Upper Forearm, Collarbone, Chest or Back

      We DO NOT recommend for long wear: Hands, Feet, or Wrists. 

  • Stickiness after application? This is normal. It’s just excessive adhesive that you can gently wash off with soap and water. You can also apply a little baby powder on the tattoo if you ever find your tattoo sticky.
  • Shininess? This wears off naturally within a couple hours. A dash of baby powder will also remove any sheen. Also, please understand, that natural wear of the tattoo occurs throughout the life of tattoo...that means there may be some fading and some showing through the tattoo. This is normal. We painstakingly design our tattoos for longer wear, and continuously improve them at each reprint, taking into account thickness of the lines, along with legibility of the message.
Removing your tattoo is easy. Use household tape, baby oil, rubbing alcohol, or hand sanitizer.